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Mattresses Since 1979


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London E2 8NA

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Litvinoff and Fawcett

Greater London Deliveries

Prices are for one bed and/or one mattress or two single mattresses.

Extra beds and mattresses will incur an additional charge.

Mattresses of 5’3” (160 cm) and wider + £10.

Bed assembly charge + £15

The delivery and assembly charges are payable to the courier on the day.

Delivery times:

You will be notified of an estimated two hour delivery window once the courier has informed us of the sequence.

Deliveries are to the entrance of the property.

However the courier will usually assist in bringing the goods to a cleared area and will assemble beds for the agreed price if pre-booked, providing all obstacles and damageable items in their pathway have been removed in advance. This is undertaken solely at their discretion and at the customer's own risk.

In the event of a delay you may have to wait in.

The driver will endeavour to keep you informed. If you are not there they still expect to be paid.

Deliveries are priced according to the postcode and goods carried.

Unless we are informed otherwise, it is assumed that:

a) There is nearby parking and straightforward access both to, and within the property.

b) If goods are to be carried beyond the second floor there is a lift capable of carrying them.

If this is not the case a higher charge is will apply.