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Handmade Beds &

Mattresses Since 1979

Handmade Beds &

Mattresses Since 1979

NOTES: **Custom, Sleigh and ‘Platform type’ beds have an equally strong but alternative method of construction. *2 extra slats are supplied with our pocket spring mattresses. These are not webbed. *‘Platform’ bed slats are not pre spaced or webbed and each slat must be screwed down. *** ‘Platform type’ beds under 5’6” (167 cm) wide do not need a centre beam because the slats overhang the frame, reducing the span. Beds which are 4’0” (122 cm) and narrower do not have a centre beam.

Guarantee applies to original purchaser only.  


Bed frames: Damage due to poor care; non structural, natural characteristics of timber (i.e. fissures or movement caused by excessive heat and moisture); surface finishes.

Mattresses: Distortion and damage caused by bending or folding; excessive wear; torn handles.

All items considered eligible for repair or replacement must be returned to our workshops.

Please note:  Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly. Cancelled orders may br subject to a charge. We reserve the right to alter prices and specifications without notice. Prices include VAT, but not delivery.

Your statutory rights are not affected. If unsure, please call or email.                                               E&OE     


A substantial centre beam*** ensures a flat, stable base which prolongs the mattress life and prevents dipping in the middle. It also eliminates all slat movement caused by a restless partner

Pre spaced for ease of assembly, and virtually unbreakable, the sturdy Baltic pine slats* are more reliable than cheaper ‘sprung slats’ which are prone to break, and are difficult to replace.

Our bases can be dismantled

and rebuilt time and again.

 If movement develops, tightening the bolts will restore rigidity. These unseen fixings **  do not spoil the look of the bed.

The mortise and tenon joints ** are assembled with bolts - not screws which eventually work loose. Assembly joints are crucial, as this is where wooden

beds are most likely to fail.                                                                                                                      

Tightening the bolts

Double bolted joints

Strong centre beam

All Litvinoff and Fawcett bed bases carry a


In the unlikely event of faults or instability developing,

we guarantee to repair them free of charge.

Our MATTRESSES are guaranteed against faulty workmanship

and components for TEN YEARS     (more)


The bed on the right is our lowered Finlandia, photographed from behind. It costs £375. The bed on the left is heavily ‘discounted’ and also costs £375 from another lavishly advertised London maker.

Both appear almost identical with the mattress in place. However, when the mattress and slats are removed, an entirely different quality of construction is revealed. With ours you have invested in a high quality build, and with theirs in costly advertising and marketing.

Not only do we guarantee our beds against all major faults no matter how long you have owned them, but also against annoying creaks and instability, usually dismissed as ‘fair wear and tear’ in more cheaply produced beds.

Here’s the Difference

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Built to Last - never for landfill

Our bed bases are built to last. The double bolted joints ensure that they can be dismantled and re constructed time and again without deterioration. The sturdy pine slats and strong centre beam ensure a flat and stable base thus eliminating movement caused by a restless partner

Since 1979