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Litvinoff and Fawcett


How long do they last?

If looked after they should remain in a serviceable condition for at least 10 years. Lighter people benefit from the longest use. Many returning customers inform us they are replacing mattresses after more than 20 years.


All Litvinoff and Fawcett mattresses carry a ten year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

 Mattresses must initially be returned to the workshop for inspection.

If after inspection one is found to have a manufacturing or component fault we will

 repair or replace the mattress free of charge.

If a repair is impractical, the pro rata value of the unexpired portion of the guarantee will be credited.

It is our intention to provide a high quality service and we will investigate and address all reasonable complaints.

Mattress Care

To ensure prolonged use please follow the following guidelines:

How firm?

Choosing for children

•   Sprung mattresses should never be folded as this will cause permanent damage. Avoid treading or placing heavy objects on them.

•   Initially the area you sleep on will sink a little. This settlement is normal and is more noticeable with deeply filled mattresses.

When in daily use the mattress should be turned over and/or rotated once every three weeks for the first three months or until the settlement process is complete. Thereafter, every six to eight weeks. If there is a marked difference in the weight of the occupants, more frequent turning may be necessary. Please note that the handles are for positioning and not for carrying it.

•  Mattresses should be aired regularly and correctly supported. A flat and stable base allowing ventilation from beneath is essential. Prolonged use on an unventilated surface is not advisable. Natural filled mattresses need air to circulate within them or they trap moisture which causes deterioration. The base can either be slatted or upholstered.

•  A new mattress may feel a little strange at first. Allow sufficient time for the fillings to settle and for your body to adjust. They may also release a slight odour which will disperse once they have been well aired.

• Washable mattress protectors will help to reduce dust mite and maintain hygiene. Spillages should be soaked up with an absorbent, dry cloth. Mild, soapy water may be used sparingly, but the mattress should be aired and dried before further use. Dust and fluff should be removed with a soft brush or lightly vacuumed. Detergents and chemical cleaners may cause damage and discolouration.

•  It may be necessary to bend a large mattress to gain access into a room and this should be undertaken with utmost care and with minimal force. A pair of zipped or a more flexible ‘Pocket’ spring mattress should be considered.

You can't judge a book by its cover  -   the same goes for a mattress !